Drool Brothers

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 @ 1:31 am

Up this week is LA-based band Drool Brothers!

Ben Sommer: Hi, this is Ben Sommer with BandsLikeZappa.com. I’m here with Chuck Mancillas from the LA-based band Drool Brothers. Chuck, tell us a little bit about the band and where you guys come from.

Chuck Mancillas: We were born and raised in Los Angeles, California. My brother and I started the band. We’ve been together since we came out of our mom. So we also have Joe Kramer. My brother’s name is Tom Slik. It’s Joe Kramer on guitar and Tom Slik plays bass and Dan Marfisi is a multi-instrumentalist who plays with us on live gigs and I’m Chuck Mancillas and I play drums and sings, and we are a bunch of studio geeks that like Frank Zappa.

Ben: Oh, it’s seems like in past years you’ve been struggling through the 80’s and 90’s trying to make it as a pure rock and pop act and you had kind of given up on that and so not only is this your part-time gig and band, but also it seems like the whole reason for being, if you will, of the band is, I don’t know, sarcasm, mimicry, mocking.

Chuck: Well, it’s not that we are mocking, but it’s just that we can write about anything since we are not part of anything. We are not accepted into any social circles. There are no conditions based on what we do and we’ve geared our lives in a manner that we could do whatever it is that we want to do sonically. We don’t have to have to look in certain way. We don’t have to play in Silver Lake. It’s just a great thing. We’ve already been through things. We’ve been part of putting the band on Los Angeles and we’ve even had careers in music at a certain point in time and did the showbiz thing and tried to make a lot of money out of it, and it’s just refreshing to have like-minded individuals that are grounded enough that we are, “Let’s do this for pure fun.”

And sometimes what comes out of it is not necessarily sarcasm, but just making fun of ourselves on what we’ve been through and it just kind of hit other people over the head. Sometimes some people get it and some people don’t. A lot of times there is nothing to get. It’s just a sonic experiment. So a lot of people lead in to that. We get hate mails, but we also get fan mail. We even have some dedicated fans, a couple.

Ben: What are some of the most memorable hate mail pieces you have received?

Chuck: Oh, we got a review. It was really bizarre, but this guy, and I won’t say the name of it, but he has a good magazine as well as a little Internet radio thing, and when we released our first record, he loved it and he played it and so we sent him the second record when Kasio Montigo came out. And then when he reviewed it, he put it in his magazine as one of the worst things he has ever heard in his life and so that’s pretty fun.

Ben: Maybe this guy didn’t get it when he heard your first album when he realized you are under-toned and your attitude in your second album, he woke up to it and said no.

Chuck: Yeah, yeah, the second album is more clear on some of the negative things that we see in Los Angeles and maybe the club scene in that Los Angeles. Maybe that’s why I wrote they are laughing at you, man, because the band is set up and sometimes they are playing and sometimes there is no support for each other. If you are narcissistic and it’s everybody for themselves instead of it being in digital experience it’s more like with the hierarchy strength. So I think that is a little bit more prevalent in Kasio Montigo.

Ben: So definitely you mentioned Zappa with that attitude about not giving a hoot, ridicule and everything including yourself. So you are very much in the Zappa tradition.

Chuck: Yeah, we hope to make people think a little bit.

Ben: Yeah, are you in the middle of recording anything? Have you anything coming up you want to plug?

Chuck: Yeah, yeah, we sure do. We just finished an EP. It’s a 4-song EP. We are going to try releasing fewer songs in shorter amount of times because we take too long to make full-length CDs than we think, and not to offend, but maybe the interest for bands are the concentration spans are decreasing so maybe we could put out shorter records.

Ben: All right.

Chuck: So we are going to do a 4-song EP. We hope all will be finished and we just completed going through the process of getting it manufactured. So in April we will be releasing an EP. We are doing our first cover that we’ve ever done in the studio and it should cover many [ripper 10s and Loving You].

Ben: Decoupage, how do you say that?

Chuck: Decoupage.

Ben: Decoupage. That’s the name of the album.

Chuck: That’s like when you get a piece of wood and then you get varnish and then you just start putting an artwork and varnishing the artwork. So yeah, it’s called decoupage.

Ben: And yet the cover is a immense praying mantis, it looks like.

Chuck: Exactly. That’s actually a real set that was in front of Joe Kramer’s house. I mean, the bug was actually sitting in his patio, so he had a camera and took a picture. He became friends with the little praying mantis.

Ben: Cool. Well, excellent. Thanks for talking.

Chuck: I really appreciate it and I appreciate your effort.

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